MAGNA Cleaning Systems was established in the year 2001 and is recognised in the Indian Market for offering a broad selection of premier, Heavy Duty High Pressure Cleaners, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Floor Cleaning equipments with the state of Art Technology from Italy.


Basket/Filter Cleaning

Cleaning & Washing of coal handling equipments

Cleaning of Centrifuges/ Basket

Cleaning of Fan, Wet Scrubber

Cleaning of Mesh 7 Filters

Cleaning of Tanks, Vessels, Pipes & other process equipments

  1      Descaling System in Rolling Mill/Plate/Bar/ Pipe/TMT/Wire
  2      Copper Crusible Cleaning
  3      Goose Neck Cleaning System
  4      Roll Balancing System
  5      Ejector Cleaning System
  6      ID Fan Cleaning System
  7      Mould Cleaning System
  8      Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  9      Condenser Tube Cleaning
  10      Hydro Testing
  11      Pipe Line Cleaning
  12      Sewage Jet Cleaning
  13      Hydrojet Cleaning
  14      Tube Cleaning
  15      Boiler Cleaning
  16      Mist Cooling
  17      Paint Removing
  18      Sand Blasting
  19      RO Application
  20      Equipment Cleaning
  21      Car/Vehicle Washing
  22      Earthy Moving Equipment Cleaning
  23      Surface Preparation
  24      Debarring
  25      Casting/Cylinder Head Cleaning