TT 4045



  MODEL   TT 4045 Cable Version   TT 4045 Cable Version STANDARD ACCESSORIES
  Brush Motor Power   1500 W   1500 W Twin Flow Vacuum motor providing the exceptional wet pick up
  Vacuum Motor   1200 W    1200 W Heavy duty brush motor
  Brush   450 mm    450 mm Fully adjustable operator handle
  Pad Size   400 mm    500 mm Soft Touch Nutronic Controls
  Capacity   40 + 40L    40 + 40L
  Power   220-220V-50 Hz    220-220V-50 Hz
   Speed   150 rpm    150 rpm
   Range    42 m    42 m
   Weight   42 Kgs    57 Kgs
   Dimension    1100*1065*805 mm    1100*1065*805 mm


Automatic floor scrubbers, also known as auto scrubbers, are a type of floor cleaning machine that is used to scrub a floor clean of light debris, dust, oil, grease or floor marks. These machines have either rotary (disk) or cylindrical scrubbing head and an automated system for dispensing cleaning solution and then vacuuming it up. So, in one pass over the floor, a user can dispense cleaning, scrub it into the floor, and then vacuum it all up with an auto scrubber squeegee attachment at the back of the machine. Auto scrubbers have a separate dispensing (solution tank) tank and a collection (recovery tank) tank to keep your clean water from your dirty water and can be categorized into one of two main types: walk behind or riding.